Senior Vice President & Executive Producer


President, Network U.S.

Based in Los Angeles and part of Network since 2018, Brian Gersh, President, Network U.S., brings three decades of experience working in Hollywood with top talent and a vast history of green lighting film and television projects to his role on Network’s executive team. 


Brian leads Network’s sales initiatives and is focused on packaging and producing films and television series for studios, networks, cable distributors, and streaming platforms.


Previous roles include Head of the Talent Department at Triad Artists, Co-Head of the Motion Picture Department at The William Morris Agency, and Managing Partner of the Talent Entertainment Group, a leading talent management company that became Management 360. In 2010, Brian expanded his reach into digital production and marketing as the head of the Entertainment Division of Sabertooth for a year and a half, before joining McGhee Entertainment as a consultant, and eventually, Network.


His experience at the highest level in the representation business — including developing television and film properties with talented writers, directors, and actors — plays an instrumental role in both the development and sales of Network’s burgeoning slate of productions.