Co-Supervising Producer


Head of Archival

Poppy Edwards is a Co-Supervising Producer for Network, bringing a track record of tackling sensitive and complex stories as a documentary director, producer, and writer.  


Born in the U.K. and raised on a homestead in rural Scotland, she’s since lived in London, Singapore, Berlin, and Vancouver and made films in over 20 countries, many with international distribution.
A Goldsmiths graduate, Poppy’s background is in music and arts documentaries, and series for television, ranging from BBC series: Secrets of the Pop Song, to Keith Richards’ Lost Weekend, to The Sound and the Fury: A Century of Modern Music
Poppy has also series-produced and directed the multi-part classical music reality series Project Symphony for Singapore Mediacorp. Most recently, she has written, produced, and directed the award-nominated documentary Me Myself I for the BBC, a film that explores the life of legendary songwriter Joan Armatrading.