"'I Am Heath Ledger' transcends box-checking filmography and gushing tributes, looking past Ledger The Movie Star to focus on the young man who dedicated his life to pursuing -- and helping others pursue -- a wide variety of creative endeavors."



"The video Ledger captured of himself, which is liberally woven into the film, makes this an intense portrait that actually merits its title -- up close and personal in ways that such biographies seldom are."



"A poignant look at an actor whose best work seemed yet to come."

"It paints an affecting, impressionistic portrait of the actor's singular vision and devotion to his work."

“An incisive cinematic portrait featuring commentary by many of his friends and colleagues, as well as extensive archival footage showcasing its subject’s magnetic charisma.”

“How does a small Chinese guy become the movies’ greatest martial artist of all time? That question drives this reverential documentary about the man with the one-inch punch.”

"I Am [Heath Ledger] devotes much of its time to Ledger’s other creative pursuits, including photography, chess and most prominently, music.”

“I kept thinking what Farley would have thought of it… He would have smiled and laughed. And that’s all that really matters.”

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